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We would like to introduce COTEMA, S.L. as an export consortium of three Spanish textile machine manufacturers who are not only internationally recognized but have more than 35 years of export experience.

COTEMA, S.L. was founded to supply complete textile lines to different sectors of the textile industry along with specialized services and equipment to fully satisfy the customer’s requirements.

COTEMA, S. L. is made up of the following companies:  


Wet finishing machinery and installations, including complete lines for printing, steaming, washing and drying of Raschel blankets.


Specialising in machines and installations for weaving preparation like creels and direct and/or sectional warpers, plus warp knitting and Raschel machines.  


Machinery and installations for raising, shearing and sueding of all kind of fabrics. To find more detailed information, we direct you to each particular company’s website as   follows:  

From the very beginning COTEMA, S. L. was focused on the supply and commissioning of complete lines to produce Raschel blankets.

You will find our references in countries like Algeria, Morocco, Turkey, Iran, Brazil or Mexico where the high quality of blankets manufactured by our customers is without doubts our best advertisement.    

Our ability to offer the market place a high quality and reliable product is due to constant contact with our customers by experienced and professional technical staff allowing the machinery to be technologically based and developed.  

Embodied in this service is customer staff training, maintenance and after sales programmes,  technical consultancy, feasibility studies, etc.    

We thank you very much for visiting our website: .Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Direct and sectional warping machines for knitting, woven and narrow fabrics.
All type of creels and beams. Double needle Raschel and cutting machines for blankets Runproof
braiding machines. Rolling machines, winding machines and machines for putting the tape into boxes.

Complete printing line for Raschel blankets, including flat printing machine, loop steamer, washing and drying installations. Open width wet finishing equipment like washing, desizing, scouring and bleaching. Tensionless dryers and stenter frames. Non woven thermobonding dryers.
Other finishing machines

Raising machines
Shearing machines
Polishing/Shearing machines
Sueding machines with sand paper or brushes
Automatic table for shearing machines